Pollster(s) G5 Top 25 Football Poll 14


The Great G5 Top 25 Football Poll 2014

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I want to thank everyone that has responded about become Pollsters. There have been a number of suggestions, and after a discussion with a few of the original members we have decided to give a guideline that may open the poll up to a few individuals that have expressed interest to become a Pollster. The criticism was they did not feel they had time to contribute to the blog with a column or they already are involved with another blog(s). Anyone that has already been excepted will be grandfathered in as Poll members.

1) Must be a registered member of CSNbbs.com (any board, SBC, MWC, MAC, CUSA, AAC)
2) Have a minimum number of post on CSNbb.com of 100 plus.
3) Will be expected to evaluate information that is shared and vote in a timely fashion.
4) Anyone that misses two consecutive poll votes will be removed from the list.
5) They will not be required to contribute to the ODU Fan Forum blog.

After looking at the interest and the main concern from a few, we decided to drop the requirement to blog.

We are looking for members from the MWC. We have very good representation from a handful of schools, but we would like a larger variety of advocates for many more schools. We would love to have 4 , 5 or more from each G5 school, we will not limit anyone if they meet the other guidelines.

Thanks for reading.

Link to become a member … http://csnbbs.com/private.php?action=send&uid=48628

We have had several people ask how long will it take me to vote. The mechanics will be a breeze, all pollsters we eventually need to register. That will include your CSNbbs Screen name and an E-Mail address. This will enable us to weed out duplicates. Pollsters will be required to be a CSNbbs registered user and must have 100 posts.   The fact that pollsters will enter their username and email address, it prevents a poster (or pollsters) from stuffing the ballot box by voting over and over again for their team.

The poll itself will be a dropdown screen where you will just select in order (1-25) than you will submit and your vote will be tabulated.   Become a member, Join today, the more pollsters the more respectable and creditable the poll will become.

We will have this up and running in the next few weeks. Our first preseason poll will be in August before the start of the season.

Link to what the poll will look like …. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dub6MIo_ZnNDz4v0Kvn1HOCmQEnW0tj0cLKGB87z19U/viewform


Oldtimer   PS – We are in a test period with the poll, would appreciate if no one submits a vote.   Look it over all you want. [b] Thanks[/b]


We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to respond to the Great G5 Top 25 2014 Football Poll.  We hope to make this as easy on the voters/pollster as possible.  The Poll will start in August (preseason poll) and will continue till the end of bowl season.


Page 2)  Three frequently asked Questions.

1)    When do I register?

We will have the poll up and running so participants can – {sign in/log in} – in a few weeks or maybe as late as July.   We will keep everyone up to date. The 1st poll will be the preseason poll in August before the start of the season.   To register you will need your CSNbbs screen name and your e-mail address.

2)   I could not get the goggle link to work to see the poll.

A few have mentioned the goggle link did not work to view what the poll will look like.  If that was the case for you as well or if anyone would just like to see the poll format here is a link to what pollsters will vote with.  I found out that when you copy and paste – there are times part of the address is dropped.  Hope this works for everyone.


3)      Also,a few pollsters have asked the question … “Can I invite other posters to become voters?   Yes that is correct!   Remember they have to be a register CSNbbs member and have 100 posts.   But, yes please invite others; they can be posters/fans of your team or from other Schools.

Thanks to all the members from many different conferences and teams that have joined to make this poll a success.





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