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ODU Fan Forums was officially launched on April 1, 2014. No, it was not intended as an April fools prank. With the collaboration of a few fans from Old Dominion and a need to connect with Alumni, Students, Fans, Faculty and all that had a passion for ODU sports, we recognized the necessity to link us together. As a member of the “Growing Monarch Nation” a few of us felt disconnected. We had not upgraded into the expanding Social Media Universe. The reality was a few of us had been left behind. We were amazed at the overwhelming potential of the E-World and social media to build a loyal fan base. There are lots of ODU fans out there, most are not aware of the fan forums and ways to connect with other fans. We…

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CUSA Schools compared to the Nations Best athletic performers…..

Welcome to the off season in the middle of the summer. You guessed it, another ranking for college sports. However this is CBS Sports FBS ranking for their overall 2013 season performance.  So how did all FBS schools compare when it came to the major college sports?   Once again, CBS Sports sought to find out with their own custom formula how the 126 FBS (2013) teams compared  CBS only used NCAA sanctioned sports for each school and ranked them accordingly.   I have sorted a few stats that show how CUSA teams compare to each other with their overall achievement points here..  If you are interested in other comparisons I have sorted stats several different ways on the G5 Fan Forum blog site.  If anyone would like to request a custom sort please contact and we will do all we can to help.

On the G5 blog I have ranked all G5 schools in order. I also have the overall rank of all FBS schools.  .  (*Point total ties * Ranking)

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Link …

56 Old Dominion
74 Middle Tennessee
74 Rice
74 Western Kentucky
95 Marshall
95 North Texas
95 Texas-San Antonio
111 Florida Atlantic
111 Southern Miss
111 Texas-El Paso
118 Alabama at Birmingham
121 Louisiana Tech
123 Florida International

Update 5/16/2014 Paul Myerberg’s USA Today 2014 Football Countdown

Paul Myerberg’s USA Today 2014 Football Countdown

No. 104: Kentucky

No. 105: Wake Forest

No. 106: Old Dominion

No. 107: Kent State

No. 108: Purdue

No. 109: Tulane

No. 110: New Mexico

No. 111: UNLV

No. 112: Kansas

No. 113: Southern Miss

No. 114: UTEP

No. 115: New Mexico State

No. 116: California

No. 117: Western Michigan

No. 118: Army

No. 119: Appalachian State

No. 120: UAB

No. 121: Idaho

No. 122: Miami (Ohio)

No. 123: Hawaii

No. 124: Georgia Southern

No. 125: Georgia State

No. 126: Eastern Michigan

No. 127: Florida International

No. 128: Massachusetts