In the World of G5 Football

In the World of G5 Football

To recognize another blogger and what is out there in the world of G5 blogosphere Sports.  Well, I decided to pull this excerpt out a  blog that references ODU.  I would encourage all to follow and read the G5 Conference News Blog.  Enjoy!

ODU: 757, 757, 757, did I mention 757. Has there ever been a team born in the midst of so much football talent.  Head Coach Bobby Wilder has to be the happiest start up coach in the history of sports. Oh, and um, ODU is also the only D1 football program in the VA Beach/Norfolk area, also known as Hampton Roads for all you geographically challenged fans.  This large area covers 5 counties and 9 cities and has 1.7 million people who call this region home. No wonder Wilder smiles all the time.  ODU might be the first pre-fab football school in history, add a few nails, put in some piping and boom, you have a school that Va Tech, and UVA are looking at with a nervous twitch. Be nice to them Mr. Wilder, they have feelings too.

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