Monday Media Madness “Blog Bites”

Monday Media Madness “Blog Bites”

In my attempt to share other sites, blogs and to recognize ODU and other G5 sports achievements.   I will make an attempt to introduce and recognize a few of the best blog sites every Monday.   At the top of the list and maybe the absolute best out there, especially when it comes to new information and in-depth reporting is ODUBLEED BLUE.  The new feature “24 reasons to be excited about ODU Football” is a prerequisite to get pump for the start of the season.  Enjoy, not only this feature but all the blogs that are posted about ODU sports. Fantastic read!

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ODU Fan Forums * Become Part of the Conversation * Aim High

Welcome to ODU Fan Forums. We are pleased to announce that Fan Forums is a place where ODU Fans will be able to see information about all things ODU. Our goal is to excite the fan and energize Monarch Nation to share information on one of the Fan Forum locations that we are fortunate to already have.

Follow us on twitter and encourage others to do the same. ODU Fan Forums@MonarchAimHigh

“The lions Den” @ or the direct link ….

“ODU BLEED BLUE” @ or the direct link ….

“Monarch Nation” @ or a direct link ….

“Monarch 247 Recruiting Site” @ or a direct link ….

Other places of Interest for ODU fans

CUSA Official Athletics site link …. new window ….

Old Dominion Official Athletics site link …. new window ….

We are just getting started. Looking forward to getting ODU fans more involved.

ODU Oldtimer