ODU Hampton Game Post Game Comments

Hampton 2014

Hampton vs Old Dominion Post game comments

Preseason Prediction ODU 56 Hampton 21

Actual Results ODU 41 Hampton 28

Pre Game assessment:

Game 1 ODU vs. Hampton @ SB Ballard Stadium Sat Aug 20 3:30 pm * TV- WTVZ 33 Local

Old Dominion should offensively be able to put up some big numbers, but I believe Hampton will be much more competitive than they were in 2012 when they lost to ODU 45 -7. Heinicke potentially could have a record breaking day. Much will depend on the underlying current of ODU running up a score. If ODU scores at will and is effective on the D during the 1st half, Bobby Wilder will not run the score up after last year’s game with UNC.   ODU will depend heavily on the freshman and new comers for every game this year. How quickly they learn the system and can contribute will be the difference in a make or break season.

Predicted Score * ODU 56 Hampton 21 * W

Post game Overview: 

Old Dominion preformed less than stellar in all three aspects of the game.


QB (Yesterday’s performance – rated C) Heinicke seemed out of sync for the entire game, had a few nice throws in the first half, but less than impressive in the second half. In the second half he consistently over threw the receivers as he was pressured by Hampton’s rush. The OL did not give Taylor any consistency with protection. It was 50/50 on protection from our OL. When Hampton overplayed their pass protection and our receivers could not get open I looked for Taylor to run. Heinicke did not seem to take advantage of Hampton’s drop back and their double coverage on our receivers. Every time we spread the field with our receivers it appeared there were opportunities for Heinicke to gain yardage if he would have run the ball. I also think it gave Hampton a big advantage in the second half once they adjusted to what Taylor was doing. NC State will take full advantage of this as well if we don’t keep them honest with some QB scrambles next week.

Receivers:  (Yesterday’s performance – rated C) as a causal observation, the receiving core under preformed yesterday from what my expectations were. After the updates and information we got out camp this summer my perception was over hyped. Hampton pressed and covered our receivers most of the time very close and it appeared that our receivers did not have the speed to lose them. ODU’s receivers almost across the spectrum were taller than the Hampton players yet  ninety percent of the time they stayed right with what I thought would be a much faster group.

RB: (Yesterday’s performance rated – B) the one aspect of our game that showed improvement over last year was our running game. Yesterday, Gerald Johnson’s performance was very impressive and Cam Boyd was also able to slice and dice around the field giving Old Dominion an important aspect to our offense that was missing last year.

OL: (Yesterday’s performance rated – C-) we allowed way too many opportunities for Hampton defenders to run straight throw our OL. The OL was only able to protect Heinicke 50% of the time and never executed very well or seemed consistent.

Special Teams: (Yesterday’s performance rated – D-) first and maybe the most important problem was, ODU never kicked the ball into the end zone or we were not even close. Most of our kicks were consistently around the 15-20 yard line. This allowed the Hampton running backs to go for it. And go fo it is exactly what they did, every time we kicked to them. Our special team’s defenders allowed too many open lanes and our poor coverage allowed Hampton RB to cut to the outside and they were gone. In fact there were more than a few Hampton kickoff returns that almost became complete breakaway runs, that could have led to a score. Even when we tackled their backs we allowed 15 -30 yard gains from the start of the reception, that allowed Hampton excellent field position each time they started their offensive drive.  There is no way to sugar coat this, Special Teams was atrocious yesterday.  There simply was no execution of any game plan for  ST’s. Fortunately the kicker was adequate for points after, but that is where any positives stops.

Defense overall (Yesterday’s performance rated – C) there were way too many Hampton receivers that appeared to get lose or away from our coverage. Our “NO FLY ZONE” was more “LET HER FLY” 75% of their passing plays were effective against our no fly zone (Hampton completed 32-of-45 passes for 407 yards and three touchdowns). The most disappointing aspect of yesterday’s game was that our special teams play was atrocious on every kickoff return.  The Hampton QB was not really challenged or effected by any  rush. (the two sacks were nice).  And I don’t think we ever blitzed. Their defense line (Hampton) pushed our offensive line around even though we were bigger and I am puzzled how that happened.

Overall Game day performance against an average FCS opponent I would grade our performance as a C

Even though I was surprised by our lack of intensity in the second half, this is but one game. Every game takes on its own personality. But, we have much work to do before next weeks game and for the rest of the season.

Game Day Atmosphere (Yesterday’s Atmosphere C-) I hate the aluminum sign with the hammering.  No Pre game excitement and the fans flow into the game five minutes after the game starts.  NO How3itzer ……  The Intro was just so so, no emotional pump up to make player introductions dramatic and deserving for the players.  The students seemed to enjoy the game, and stayed almost to the end, more than we can say for the fans.  The University needs to plan for a Game Day experience just like a coach plans to win a game.  Without the proper planning and preparation it will remain so so. There needs to be an orchestrated effort to create the anticipation and intensity for the fans. The crowd and students want this. Now, the University has to want the same.

Just my 2 cent.

Go Monarchs * Aim High


Outlook for ODU’s 2014 Historic 1st Full FBS Football Season

ODU Logo lion 9

Here is an overview or outlook for ODU’s 2014 Football Season. As the Monarch’s head into their 2nd year of their FBS transition, there are many factors that could make this year one of the best or the worst ever In ODU’s brief history.  Fans and players have never finished with a losing season, I hope this will not be the case in 2014.

It has been reported that this year ODU will field over 105 players, including 38 newcomers on the team. Last year we fielded only 90 player’s total. I do feel our recruiting has moved up a notch maybe even two. I think most would evaluate the class of 2014 as the 1st recruited class that  can truly be labeled as an FBS Class. Yes we have had many talented players in the last 5 years, but the 2014 class is statistically the best so far.

ODU Football had their 1st day of practice on Monday Aug 4, 2014.   With camp starting the season will be here before we blink an eye. The time will speed up and go faster as we approach our 1st game with the Hampton Pirates on Saturday Aug 30.  The fact that the game will be on TV will not have any impact on the attendance and number of people in the stands at Forman Field. That place will be stuffed and rocking.  The dichotomy of the game has a few underlining elements that will be interesting to watch. Number one is the fact that an earlier commitment to ODU from a JR. College, that was unable to qualify will now be on the other side of the ball playing for Hampton. The second is simply the two schools are 30 miles apart. There may even be families split with their allegiances with Alumni from both schools in the same family.

ODU Ebt Smoke blue hue

Newcomers that should have an impact this year in 2014

True Freshmen Vincent Lowe 5-9 176 Chesapeake, Va.

True Freshmen Isaiah Harper 5-9 160 Chesapeake Va.

True Freshmen Jonathan Duhart, 6-3, 205, Midlothian Va.

True Freshman Will Howard 6-3, 200 Va. Beach, Va.

True Freshman Ray Lawry, 5-10, 192, Woolwich, N.J..

Red –S Freshman Malik Moseley, 5-11, 199, Greensboro, N.C.

Transfer So. Nick England, 6-0, 185, Suwanee, Ga.

Red –S Freshman Davis Farmer, 6-3, 325, Leesville, S.C.

Red –S Freshman Eric Hampson, 6-5, 296, Largo, Fla.

Red –S Freshman Grant Johnson, 6-5, 280, Winchester, Va.

Red –S Freshman Bumni Rotimi, 6-4, 281, Alexandria, Va.

Red –S Freshman Cullen Casey, 6-3, 291, Rochester, N.Y.

True Freshman Mike Lennox, 6-2, 210, Bristow, Va.

True Freshman Isaiah Worthy, 6-1, 229, Westville, N.J.

True Freshman Pat Toal, 6-4, 300, Haglet, N.J.

True Freshman Brandon Tyson, Fr., 6-1, 350, Midlothian, Va.

True Freshman Galen Evans, 6-3, 319, Annapolis, Md.

Red –S Freshman Jai Franklin, 6-3, 267, Upper Marlboro, Md.

True Freshman Torrez Wentz, 6-2, 280, Warrenton, Ga.

True Freshman Ryan Londree, 6-3, 293, Charlottesville, Va.

True Freshman Oshane Ximines, 6-3, 216, Ahoskie, N.C.

True Freshman Daniel Appouh, 6-4, 215, Germantown, Md.

True Freshman Lawrence Holley, 6-2, 191, Harrisburg, Pa.

True Freshman Christian Byrum, 6-1, 193, Virginia Beach

True Freshman Justice Davila, 6-0, 184, Erial, N.J.

True Freshman Jarrett Cervi, 6-1, 209, Raleigh, N.C.

True Freshman Adam Vaught, 6-6, 282, Blacksburg, Va.

Red –S Freshman Malik Moseley, 5-11, 188, Greensboro, N.C.

True Freshman Justin Noye, 6-1, 196, Rochester, N.Y.

ODU Former Football Players ODU NHowetzer ODU Football player 36

Game 1 ODU vs. Hampton @ SB Ballard Stadium Sat Aug 20 3:30 pm * TV- WTVZ 33 Local

Old Dominion should offensively be able to put up some big numbers, but I believe Hampton will be much more competitive than they were in 2012 when they lost to ODU 45 -7. Heinicke potentially could have a record breaking day. Much will depend on the underlying current of ODU running up a score. If ODU scores at will and is effective on the D during the 1st half, Bobby Wilder will not run the score up after last year’s game with UNC.   ODU will depend heavily on the freshman and new comers for every game this year. How quickly they learn the system and can contribute will be the difference in a make or break season.

Predicted Score * ODU 56 Hampton 21 * W

NC STate action Football

Game 2 NC State vs. ODU in Raleigh Sat. Sept. 6, 6:00 pm * TV ESPN 3 National

There was a time when I felt ODU may have a fair chance of winning this game. At this time I think the reality is that with a few of the problems the team has been hampered with that opportunity may have slipped away. I hope I am wrong but at this time I really do not see the knock out punch that the offense can deliver to win this game. When I look at NC State’s Offensive line and defensive players the size differential clearly shows we still do not match up very well. Even though ODU is bigger and stronger this year, I think we are still a year away to win a game like his. Not to mention that the defense has yet to prove itself. The game may be an offensive battle from both.

53 jones tyler Tyler Jones 75 6-3 290 OL 1 FR Stone Mountain, Ga. (Stephenson)
67 pritt evan Evan Pritt 75 6-3 258 OL 2 RS FR Wilmington, N.C. (Ashley)
76 shute eric Eric Shute 77 6-5 286 OL 1 FR Glen Ellyn, Ill. (Glenbard West)
57 daniel peter Peter Daniel 78 6-6 266 OT 2 RS FR Raleigh, N.C. (Broughton)
64 reagan tylar Tylar Reagan 76 6-4 300 OT 2 RS FR Jacksonville, Fla. (Bartram Trail)
66 richardson will Will Richardson 77 6-5 282 OT 1 FR Burlington, N.C. (Cummings)
72 roane patrick Patrick Roane 79 6-7 303 OT 2 RS FR Hope Mills, N.C. (Gray’s Creek)
 74 chandler tyson Tyson Chandler 79 6-7 345 OT 9 GS
  1. Plainfield, N.J. (Fork Union)
78 crisp rob Rob Crisp 79 6-7 285 OT 8 RS SR Burlington, N.C. (Athens Drive)
73 jomantas andy Andy Jomantas 79 6-7 295 OT/OG 9 GS Dayton, Ohio (Chaminade-Julienne)
54 street kentavius Kentavius Street 74 6-2 287 DE 1 FR Greenville, N.C. (Rose)
49 chubb bradley Bradley Chubb 76 6-4 247 DE 1 FR Powder Springs, Ga. (Hillgrove)
54 allred davion Davion Allred 72 6-0 228 DE 2 RS FR Raleigh, N.C. (Millbrook)
55 holden deonte Deonte Holden 76 6-4 215 DE 1 FR Hyattsville, Md. (Dematha Catholic)
87 mckever pharoah Pharoah McKever 78 6-6 256 DE 2 RS FR Tabor City, N.C. (S. Columbus)
90 rose mike Mike Rose 75 6-3 271 DE 6 RS JR Fountain Inn, S.C. (Hillcrest)
91 davis drew Drew Davis 75 6-3 252 DE 4 RS SO Raleigh, N.C. (Broughton)
92 billups hampton Hampton Billups 79 6-7 223 DE 1 FR Greensboro, N.C. (NW Guilford)
95 norman art Art Norman 72 6-0 254 DE 9 GS Stone Mountain, Ga. (Chamblee)
99 wright joe Joe Wright 79 6-7 237 DE 4 RS SO Greenville, N.C. (Rose)
69 teal thomas Thomas Teal 73 6-1 296 DT 8 RS SR Bennettsville, S.C. (Marlboro Co.)
75 mcgill t.y.
  1. Y. McGill
73 6-1 289 DT 7 SR Jesup, Ga. (Wayne County)
79 smith tyler Tyler Smith 75 6-3 268 DT 6 RS JR Raleigh, N.C. (Western Carolina)
93 jones justin Justin Jones 74 6-2 294 DT 1 FR Austell, Ga. (S. Cobb)
94 nelson monty Monty Nelson 74 6-2 312 DT 3 SO Plantation, Fla. (Plantation)
96 gibbs kenton Kenton Gibbs 74 6-2 287 DT 2 RS FR Detriot, Mich. (Cass Technical)


Predicted Score NC State 45 ODU 35 * L

EMU Football action

Game 3 ODU vs. Eastern Michigan @ SB Ballard Stadium Sat. Sept. 13 6:00 pm * TV Cox Regional

Again my perception has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. I do believe this is a winnable game for ODU and the Monarch’s CAN NOT look past this team. Last year we had a common opponent, we both played Howard – EMU won 34-24 * ODU won 76-19. Eastern Michigan is predicted to win over ODU by many preseason predictions. I believe ODU could come out of the locker room swinging and may even lead at the end of the first half by a large margin, but the game could turn, it will be close when the final whistle blows after 40 minutes.

Predicted Score * ODU 42 Eastern Michigan 38 * W  Rice Football Logo

Game 4 Rice vs. ODU in Huston Sat Sept 20 TBA *TV FOX Sports National Broadcast

I do not think ODU will be able to play 40 minutes with Rice and come out on top. Again I think ODU will be close or maybe even lead after the 1st half. After a spectacular 2013 season, 7-1 in conference and an upset win over Marshall, Rice will have to look at a rebuilding year. In the last 4 games of the 2013 Rice outscored their opponents 33.0, – 19.3 (plus-13.7). Rice is a much more defensive oriented team and will hold the score down especially in the 2nd half (at the half ODU 21 Rice 17). Rice had 53 non-sack tackles for losses, forced 14 fumbles, and defensed 75 passes (14 interceptions, 61 break-ups). They return a very active, deep and experienced secondary. When all is said in done I think ODU’s defense will break and it may get messy.

Predicted Score Rice 48 ODU 28 * L

MDSU Football logo

Game 5 ODU vs. Middle Tenn. @ SB Ballard Fri Sept 26 *TV FOX Sports National Broadcast

Just because it is a home game this game will prove to be very competitive and exciting. ODU will celebrate with their 1st CUSA home game and the crowd will be large and loud. Last year MTSU’s 51-49 win over Marshall on a Thursday night in late-October turned the Blue Raiders’ 2013 season around. They finished the last 5 games of the regular season 5-0. This year one of their biggest challenges they will face is replacing their starting QB. As for the game, once again, I think ODU will come out of the gate with some big plays and may lead this game at half (ODU 17 MTSU 14). I feel that the half time adjustments made by MTSU may make it very difficult for us to score and the second half and If our D is not improved we may not be able to stop them and it could be a long 2nd half.

MTSU 38 ODU 31 * L

 Marshall football logo

Game 6 ODU vs. Marshall @ SB Ballard Stadium Sat Oct 4 TBA * TV FOX Sports National Broadcast

Marshall will enter the game undefeated having won their first 4 games. They will try to make a statement to the media that we belong in the Top 25. It almost looks like Marshall is in the MAC with 3 of their first 4 games against MAC members Miami (OH), Ohio and Akron. The rest of the conference should be able to see how we compare with the MAC Schools after the Marshall tour. I think Cato and Heinicke will both have good games and one of the more interest games to draw comparison from. But Marshall’s D will be one of the best we have faced in 6 years. The first half may be a run away for Marshall   31 ODU 14. I hope that we will be able to settle down and be competitive in the 2nd half. This could get ugly, Doc will not take his foot of the pedal, he will have a goal, a plan and it is simple, to beat the stuffing out of every team they face in 2014.

Predicted Score Marshall 55 ODU 28 * L

 UTEP Football logo

Game 7 UTEP vs. ODU in El Paso, Texas Sat Oct 11 8:00 pm EST * TV MTVZ National/Regional TBA

After losing three in a room  ODU’ s current record may be  2 – 5.  The Monarchs will face new challenges and I hope our team will be able to turn it around. Baring any major injuries Old Dominion will finally find itself in a position to match up with another CUSA team. UTEP was outscored by its opponents in 2013 by 17.3 points (Opponent 42.6, UTEP 25.1 minus-17.5). If the football Gods are good to us, this may be our 3rd win for the season. My fear is that the team will feel deflated, but I put my confidence it the staff and leaders on the team to make everyone realize each game is a step we must take to improve. Now go out there and kick some Texas hide parts.

Predicted Score ODU 35 UTEP 30 * W

 WKU Football action

Game 8 Western Kentucky vs. ODU in Bowling Green, Ky. Sat Oct. 25 4:00 pm * TV TBA (WKU May)

Old Dominion will have had a week off to recover from the game against UTEP, but historically ODU seems to have a lull in their intensity after a bye week. WKU is a very good team. Last year after they beat Kentucky in the season opener, they had a few bumps, but went on to win 7 of their last 9 games which included 4 straight to cap the regular season. This year, n 2014 Western Kentucky will face a fierce group of teams early, all of which should have stealer seasons. WKU could very easily enter SB Ballard with a 2-5 record, having played at Bowling Green, Illinois, MTSU, Navy and FAU     ODU will be pumped for this game. If we win at UTEP, and I think we will, the team should be ready to jump on WKU and win this game. However, it may not be the case if ODU eases off the intensity during this game. WKU has traditionally been a very strong defensive team and there is no reason  to think differently about this 2014 team. With all the Jr College influx on WKU’s defensive side of the ball, it may be too much for the Monarchs to overcome.  ODU has garnered success with the short pass patterns that made us successful at the FCS level but we will need a rushing game and a passing game to win at the FBS. I also believe, unless I am proven wrong, the D may not be able to make the stops in the 2nd half for us to win.  But I will wait and see, I think WKU will pull out the W.

Predicted Score WKU 45 ODU 28 * L

  Vanderbilt Football logo

Game 9 Vanderbilt vs. ODU in   Nashville, Tenn. SAT Nov 1 TBA * TV SEC/ESPN National Broadcast

Old dominion will have grown weary of Nashville. Vanderbilt will not be as strong this year as they were in 2014 but they have the size, speed and experience to make this game a blow out. The defensive line will be bigger than Marshall and will be the best defense ODU will face in 2014. The Commodores defense has ranked in the top 20 nationally each of the last two seasons. Offensively they lost a few experience players and that may help keep the score within reason. If the wind is not completely out of the sails by this time we play in Nashville again, and the players are not motivated it may be hard to find any wind at all.

Predicted Score Vanderbilt 45 ODU 17 * L

 FIU Football Logo

Game 10 ODU vs. Florida International Sat Nov 8 3:30 pm * TV WTVZ Regional/ National

If ODU is not banged up to bad from the Vanderbilt game this may be ODU’s best game of the season. Old Dominion can not underestimate or look past FIU. They will come into Norfolk looking for their 3rd win in 2014 (wins over Bethune-Cookman and Wagner).  FIU will be improved over last year, but at this time I don’t see a defense that will be able to stop our air raid and this could lead to a lot of first downs for the Monarchs.   Again, I see ODU taking center stage and Heinicke should have some impressive numbers for only the. second game of the year. The half time score looks like it will be a runaway (ODU 28 FIU 10 at half.). The second half will be a whole new ball game, but ODU should be victorious when the whistle blows.

Predicted Score ODU 49 FIU 31 W

La Tech Foottball logo

Game 11 ODU vs. Louisiana Tech Sat Nov 22 1:00 pm * TV FOX Sports National

ODU may have gotten a break from CUSA when they were assembling the 2014 Schedule. This game will truly show the maturity of the team at this stage of the season. La Tech may have suffered 3 opening game loses to start the 2014 season (Oklahoma, Louisianan Lafayette and North Texas) However I think they will ride into Norfolk on a high after winning 6 of their last 7 games. ODU will need to have an identity but this time, and have a D that can stop LA Techs run game to have a chance. In the off season, I originally had predicted a possible UPSET. Not sure at this point. Way too many things will have to go ODU’s way to win this game.  If the team improves and the defense has shown marked improvement over the previous years … maybe a W? Make no mistake about ODU will need to play almost a flawless game to pick up that W. The game will be won or lost if we are able to hold their running game to reasonable numbers.

Predicted Score SURPRISE UPSET ODU 31 LA Tech 28 * W

 FAU Football Logo

Game 12 FAU vs. ODU in Boca Raton, FL. 12 noon * TV WTVZ Regional Sinclair AAC TV Network

When ODU travels to Florida it will follow a bye week were ODU should have had time to re-group and get over a few bumps and bruises from the LA Tech game. FAU potentially may be one of the best teams we face in 2014.  Charlie Partridge, who will have taken over the reins at FAU and enter into his 1st year as the head coach  maybe one of the big question marks for the owls in 2014. FAU has one of the larger Defensive lines and Offensive lines in CUSA. ODU better be prepared FAU will be hard hitting and shove it down the middle with a run game that will test our D early. At the half I think FAU and ODU will almost have played even in reference to the score. FAU will have gained most of their yards on the ground while ODU in the air. (FAU 17 ODU 14 the at half). When everyone emerges in the 2nd half to wrap up the 2014 regular season it will be a new game. Considered as one of the country’s best in 2013 the pass defense I believe that FAU may have the edge on ODU in the second half will ultimately win a very good a competitive game.

Predicted Score FAU 41 ODU 35 * L


It will be another learning year, one I hope ODU will not have to learn again in 2015. Overall I predict that Old Dominion will have less than a stellar year in 2014. But, the good news is we will be more experienced at almost every position but QB in 2015.

OIVERALL 2014 Record 6 – 6


There are so many influence and events that can happen in any given year. Many factors can change the season’s outcome.   Other opponents may suffer an injury at a key position that could change the outcome of that game or vise versa.   If the defense shows marked improvement early, we may see an overall improvement in our overall record.   I’m being very conservative with my predictions. The fact is there are just too many unknowns at this time.  I am leaning heavily on our past history with our D to make the above predictions.   The early test with NC State may be the 1st opportunity we will have to see if history repeats it’s self.  Until I’m proven wrong, and I hope I am.    The D will shape our 2014 season.


Aim High Go Monarchs

ODU – Making waves on the Beach in Recruiting

ODU’s Bobby Wilder and staff are Aiming High in 2015 for more recruiting  Victories

Lion Logo ODU

Old Dominion continues to make an impression on future college football players as they offer an outstanding number of prospects to become future Monarchs.  The aggressive recruiting campaign/ strategy 353 has created an interest, but ultimately a great recruiting team/staff has traveled to visit   with young men from all over the country.

Presently in the State only Virginia has bagged a more impressive list of 2015 recruits.  ODU presently is rank 53 nationally and 4th in CUSA, less than a ½ point from 2nd place behind Rice.  With a growing list of offers and targets ODU still has its eye on a group of players that could propel ODU even higher this year in the rankings.

A few potential recruits that Old Dominion has at the top of their list are:

Barnabas Baning   OT   3*  85 rating

St Mary S Ryken (Leonardtown, MD)

6-5  330


Josh Fannin   OG  3* rating 83

Mill Creek (Hoschton, GA)

6-3    290


Jahvoni  Simmons  ILB   4* rating   93

Ocean Lakes (Virginia Beach, VA)

6-1   225


Derick Wilder  TE   3* rating   88

Maury (Norfolk, VA)

6-2   230


Sterling Hammond   S  3*  83

Essex (Tappahannock, VA)



John Branch  OLB

Dinwiddie County (Dinwiddie, VA)

6-1  216


Casey Bernard   OLB

St Mary S Ryken (Leonardtown, MD)

6-2   222


Dimitri  Holloway   ATH

Heritage (Newport News, VA)

6-1   190


Old Dominion for the class of 2015 has (173) scholarship offers extended.   .  Here are few teams ranked just above and just below ODU ifrom 247sport.    (CUSA has four teams at or near the top 50 FBS programs at this time).

47   Rice 
48   Western Michigan
49   Virginia
50   Brigham Young
51   Louisiana Tech
52   Florida Atlantic
53   Old Dominion
54   San Jose State
55   Illinois
56   Indiana
57   Michigan State  


Who will be next? Recruiting Update May 19


Who will be next?  Recruiting Update May 19

Old Dominion coaches have been on the recruiting trails for about a month, they hit the road the day after the spring game finished, April 12.  On the surface if seems a little slow, but behind the scenes there is no doubt it is a hectic pace to review recruiting files and target select students. The next task is to talk to High School Coaches, review film, contact recruits by snail mail, electronic social media outlets, phone and finally personal contact.  The goal is to get an invitation to talk with the recruit and his family in their home, one on one with recruit and family. From there a continuous dialog with family and recruits is a must.  Finally getting recruits to visit the campus. Wilder and staff have a way to work magic when he can get them on campus and experience the excitement around the program.

At the present time it appears Old Dominion has been busy making contact with prospects that have interest in ODU. We list 195 prospects as targets- http://olddominion.247sports.com/Season/2015-Football/Targets

 Old Dominion has offered 158 – http://olddominion.247sports.com/Season/2015-Football/Offers

There are several prospects on ODU’s radar that have listed ODU as a favorite or have ODU at the top of their list.  Here are a few at this time.

It has been the buzz, that we may see a few make the call in the next two weeks.  We have to remember most of these young men are 17, 18 and 19 year olds.  They can change on a dime

USA Today – ODU #106 College Football Countdown


Paul Myerberg USA Today College Football Countdown ranks ODU # 106

Just like most fans of college football teams they love and support their team, I thought and hoped we would not see ODU’s name pop up on either of the two Countdown polls early. The reality is we all knew that it could happen at any time. I had estimated that Old Dominion might make it to the high 90’s. The article points out many elements to the program and was very detailed about their assessment of where the program is. It is nice to get the exposure on a National stage.


Paul Myerberg, quote is very generous to Old Dominion, yet addresses the way we all feel. “In a nutshell: Of all the FCS-to-FBS additions of the last five years – and there have been many – Old Dominion is the best prepared to avoid a distressing, often ugly debut and make an immediate impact. Hence the Monarchs’ higher ranking, relatively speaking; most FBS neophytes get chewed up and spit out against the higher level of competition, but ODU has the coaching, scheme and proven production to be a solid first-year addition to Conference USA, bypassing the cellar and adding some interest to the East Division race. I don’t want to oversell things, but it seems obvious: ODU is in good shape”.

link …. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2014/05/13/old-dominion-odu-conference-usa-realignment-2014-countdown-preview-roster-schedule-football-four/8987031/?siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-J6VpmURPGSz56.Fri3LI6g

How will the ACC’s Vote today impact ODU


How will The ACC’s Vote impact ODU’s

future scheduling with ACC schools?

Old Dominion athletic director Wood Selig and others have been paying close attention to meetings going on just five hours to the east in suburban Jacksonville, Fla  ACC commissioner John Swofford announced today that the conference athletic directors have voted to keep an eight-game football schedule. In addition, the ACC will vote to add strength of schedule requirement similar to the SEC. This appears to be a win win for ODU and for the regional rivalries that the Monarchs hope to establish.  ODU has a home and home series with North Carolina State beginning this fall and In 2017, the Monarchs begin a long-term series with Virginia Tech, playing seven of the next nine seasons, including three games in Norfolk.   ODU associate Bruce Stewart talked with officials at half a dozen ACC schools about playing in the near future.  “I think he’s made good inroads, good connections,” Selig said of Stewart. “But no one is pulling the trigger until” the scheduling question is resolved

With the ACC AD’s voting to keep an eight-game schedule, while playing a group of five member or Notre Dame, this will allow more games in the future and not affect those already planned.   Great news for Old Dominion!

    Image  Image







2014 Old Dominion Monarchs Football Schedule

2014 Old Dominion Monarchs Football Schedule

Date Opponent Time/TV Tickets
Aug. 30
Hampton Pirates 
Foreman Field, Norfolk, VA
Sept. 6
at NC State Wolfpack
Carter-Finley Stadium, Raleigh, NC
Sept. 13
Eastern Michigan Eagles 
Foreman Field, Norfolk, VA
Sept. 20
at Rice Owls
Rice Stadium, Houston, TX
Sept. 26
Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 
Foreman Field, Norfolk, VA
Oct. 4
Marshall Thundering Herd
Foreman Field, Norfolk, VA
Oct. 11
at UTEP Miners
Sun Bowl Stadium, El Paso, TX
Oct. 18
Open Date Open Date
Oct. 25
at Western Kentucky Hilltoppers 
H. Ind. – L.T. Smith Stadium, Bowling Green, KY
Nov. 1
at Vanderbilt Commodores
Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN
Nov. 8
FIU Golden Panthers (HC)
Foreman Field, Norfolk, VA
Nov. 15
Open Date Open Date
Nov. 22
Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 
Foreman Field, Norfolk, VA
Nov. 29
at Florida Atlantic Owls 
FAU Stadium, Boca Raton, FL
Dec. 6
C-USA Championship Game
Hosted by team with highest C-USA winning %



“How will Coaching Changes with CUSA Teams

and Vanderbilt Impact ODU”

Each year there are more and more power five conferences that reach down to pluck the best coaches the G5 schools have to offer.  This year was no exception.  There were several Universities that decided it was time to make changes and move in a new direction.  When all was said and done and the coaching carousal came to a stop, we were left with the following schools that needed to find new coaches (listed below).  There are several schools from CUSA that will feel the impact first hand.  ODU will face two CUSA’s schools that changed the leadership at the top, Western Kentucky – Jeff Brohm and UAB’s – Bill Clark.   Along withthe two CUSA schools, ODU will also face an Eastern Michigan team that is now led by head coach Chris Creighton and Vanderbilt after the departure of James Franklin.  Vanderbilt football not only lost their old coach who move to Penn State, but several 2014 Vandy recruits de-committed and moved their allegiance with the new staff to Penn State.   How will the changes impact the programs listed below.

The bigger question for ODU and our fans is how will the change impact the game and the possible outcome from schools that now have new leadership?

1)      Will Old Dominion face a more competitive team that has been energized due to the coaching change?

2)      Will the Coaching change have a negative effect because of the unfamiliarity with new plays – defensive and offensive strategies?

3)    Will the change create a feeling from the remaining and older players of betrayal.   Will the new staff earn the respect of the current players and be open to the new staff taking over the reins?

Reviewing the schools that ODU will play in 2014, I think we will see a mix of all the above scenarios.

·         Sat 10/25 @ Bowling Green, Ky.       Western Kentucky with new coach Jeff Brohm will continue to move the needle in the right direction.  WKU should not miss a beat.  The team returns with two 1st team All Conference offensive members – RB Antonio Andrews and Luis Polanco.  On the defensive side of the ball they return five players that were selected as members of the 1st team All SB Conference – DL Bar’ee Boyd, LB Xavius Boyd, LB Andrew Jackson,  CB Jonathan Dowling, CB Cam Thomas and 2nd team member – Safty – Tyree Robinson.  A total of 11 starters will return in 2014

·         Sat 11/29 in Boca Raton –       Florida Atlantic New coach Charlie Partridge will be tested with a more difficult task.  FAU has two 3rd team All CUSA offensive selections returning – TE Nexon Dorvilus, C Mustafa Johnson.  They also return with 2nd team All CUSA defensive member – DE Cory Henry and 3rd team selection –  LB Adarius Glanton.   Mr. Partridge comes with a pedigree of experience from Pittsburg, Wisconsin and Arkansas.   After the release of Former FAU head coach Carl Pelini, who lost 15 of his 20 games in his two years a FAU any movement in a upward trajectory  will be seen as a positive in 2014.


·         Sat. 9/13 @ SB Ballard –      Eastern Michigan’s New Coach Chris Creighton.   Even though Eastern Michigan has only one 3rd Team All Mac offensive member returning – Kalonji Kashama Chris Creighton  will have a very experienced crop of 19 returning starters, eleven on offense and eight on defense.  In fact they sit atop all MAC teams with the number of returning starters in 2014.  Eastern Michigan looks to improve on last year’s record (2-11).  ODU plays them 3rd on this year’s schedule after facing ACC opponent NC State.


·         Sat 11/2 in Nashville, Tenn –      Vanderbilt will be tested with more issues than their football performance on the field.  But if anyone can face the task to establishing trust, respect and loyalty it will be New coach Derek Mason.  He brings a multitude of experience from his time in the NFL as the Minnesota Vikings (DB)  Jim Harbaugh than hired him at Stanford as the DB coach and was promoted to associate head coach and co-defensive coordinator under new head coach David Shaw.   In 2012, Mason became the sole defensive coordinator for the Cardinal’s and was a finalist for the Broyles Award given annually to the top assistant coach in college football.   With or without the coach change ODU will be tested and may be the best team on the 2014 schedule.

Even though UAB is not on this year schedule for ODU, the new coach at UAB, Bill Clark may face the most difficult task in CUSA.  UAB returns no players from the All CUSA Team.   As we all know the selection to a “All Whatever Team” can be influenced by many factors.  To try and use this as a standalone barometer to determine the success of UAB’s season would be absolutely ridicules.  The fact remains that Mr. Clark will need to see better execution of fundamentals just to appear on the radar.


UConn’s  New Bob Diaco


Boise State  New Bryan Harsin

Wyoming  New Craig Bohl


Western Kentucky  New Jeff Brohm

Florida Atlantic  New Charlie Partridge

UAB  New Bill Clark


Bowling Green  New Dino Babers

Miami (Ohio)  New Chuck Martin

Eastern Michigan  New Chris Creighton

UMass  New Mark Whipple


Arkansas State  New Blake Anderson

Georgia Southern  New Willie Fritz

ODU 2014 Opponent

Vanderbilt     New Derek Mason


Old Dominion University recruiting has heated up!

Old Dominion University recruiting has heated up!  

Our Football Coaches are out hitting the trails, but Basketball, Baseball and Soccer coaches are planning for the future as well.  On the Football side ODU recently turned up an aggressive find, search and conquer approach.  Our goal is simple, to offer the best recruits the staff feels will fit into ODU’s system.  With that in mind, Old Dominion offered Sun Belt member Georgia Southern commit, Andre Brown.  The 2015 Decatur (GA) Columbia athlete is a 247Sports Composite three star athlete. He also has offers from Duke, Kentucky, Marshall, Kennesaw State and N.C. State.   Old Dominion also decided to offer Charlotte wide receiver commit Alex Barrow (Matthews, NC/Butler)   Barrow had a verbal committed to Charlotte for almost three weeks, making his college decision on 4/6/2014.  This is not out of the ordinary, but confirms Old Dominion has ratcheted it up a notch to find and offer the best for ODU. 

In just the last few days (Monday 4/28 and Tuesday 4/29) Old Dominion has sent offers to a number of recruits.  Below are just a few that ODU is reaching out for. 

Football 2015 Offers

Andre Brown




Lorenzo Harrison

  • Running Back
  • Hyattsville, MD (DeMatha Catholic)
  • Ht: 5-8 | Wt: 185
  • CLASS OF 201



Kendall Hinton





Tino Ellis

  • Wide ReceiverSafety
  • Hyattsville, MD (DeMatha Catholic)
  • Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 185 | 40: 4.50
  • CLASS OF 2016





Football 2015 Coach Visits

Kevin Morris



Jason Mack

  • Inside Linebacker
  • Winston Salem, NC (Atkins)
  • Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 225
  • Age: 17 yrs 5 mo
  • CLASS OF 2015



Football 2016 Offers

Keith Simms

Outside LinebackerTight End

Bethesda, MD (Landon School)

Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 220 | 40: 4.65

Age: 16 yrs 7 mo




Basketball  2015 Offers

Devin Cannady

  • Point Guard
  • Mishawaka, IN (Marion)
  • Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 165
  • Age: 17 yrs 11 mo




Desure Buie

  • Point Guard
  • Bronx, NY (Wings Academy)
  • Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 160




ODU Soccer recruiting news ….  http://www.studentsports.com/soccer/2014/04/16/maryland-midfielder-picks-dominion/


For addition information go to:

247 ODU Main page …  http://olddominion.247sports.com/


247 ODU Timeline of Offers and visits …  http://olddominion.247sports.com/Institution/Old-Dominion-Monarchs-24160/TimelineEvents


ODU BleedBlue …….  http://odubleedblue.com/






“Are you ready for some Football” Group of five 2014 FBS Conference Rankings

“Are you ready for some Football”
Group of five 2014 FBS Conference Rankings

There will always be the ongoing debate “Who is the Best”, it stands the test of time.  In 2014 when it comes to ranking the group of five (G5) FBS football conferences the debate will continue. The only way to make a prediction on the future is to evaluate the many spokes of the wheel that will have an impact on this year.  It should be a complicated formula that takes into account last years’ on the field performance, the history and experience of returning players, starters, impact players from the incoming 2014 class, OOC schedules  and many other factors in general.  All will help shape and determine the ranking.  The reality is the consensus of most experts is there is no consensus.  However, as you break down the G-5′s in 2014, there is no clear favorite to be the best in 2014.   The AAC loses Louisville yet adds East Carolina, Tulane and Tulsa.  UCF (12-1) should be the class of the AAC this year with Cincinnati (9-4), East Caroline (10-3) and Houston (8-5) making some noise. 2013 Bowl season (2-3) had one shining star, the UCF win over Baylor.   The middle of the conference shows little change with SMU (5-7) and a new wrinkle as Tulane (7-6) is added to the mix.  The bottom will grow in 2014 and appears there will be a log jam to get the bottom.  It will be difficult to predict the bottom five.  Flip a coin for the order which may include Tulsa (3-9), UConn (3-9), Memphis (3-9), Temple (2-10) and 2013’s biggest disappointment, USF (2-10).  If the bottom of the league continues as they played last year and the middle shows little improvement in 2014 the outcome may be in question.


The AAC will most likely be followed in a neck and neck struggle between the MWC and CUSA both having overall improvement from top to bottom from last year’s successes and failures.  The MWC at the top of the league appears to be more competitive and a nice huddle of schools will be bunched at the top.  The teams that could have the best odds to finish on top are Fresno State (11-2), Utah State (9-5), SDSU (8-5), Colorado State (8-6), and a vastly improving UNLV (7-6).  All had strong 2013 years and finished the year with commanding improvement that carried them into the Bowl season (3-3).  Somewhere in the middle you will have a trifecta with San Jose State (6-6), Nevada (4-8), and Wyoming (5-7).   Unfortunately the bottom of the league seems to be in a downward spin with New Mexico (3-9), Air Force (2-10) and Hawaii (1-11).  The one to watch in the MWC will be Wyoming, the new HFB Coach Craig Bohl comes to Wyoming after 11 years at North Dakota State, where he won the last three Football Championship Subdivision titles.  The MWC should pull it out in the end as the second best in 2014.


CUSA may have the biggest gains in the upward movement of the five G5 conferences.  Marshall (10-4) will be dominating in the East and has an opportunity to go undefeated for the first time since 1996.  This was the same year the Thundering Herd won the FCS National Championship. A top 25 ranking could be in Marshall’s future if they do not stumble.   Other teams in the East to watch are MTSU (8-5), new member Western Kentucky (8-4), FAU (6-6) and ODU (8-4).  This will be the transitioning year for new member ODU.   Old Dominion has yet to prove itself against FBS opponents and has shown they have a historically undermanned defense that could be a stumbling block in 2014.  UAB (2-10) and FIU (1-11) will both need to have new players make immediate impact for them to have a turnaround season from 2013.  The west is by far the stronger side of CUSA from top to bottom and will be a very entertaining year to see who rises to the top. Rice (11-4), last year’s CUSA Champions will need to replace some key players in 2014 to return to the Championship game.  UTSA (7-5), North Texas (9-4) and LA Tech (4-8), may be the most improved teams in the Conference in 2014.  Rounding out the west will be UTEP (2-10) and Southern Miss (1-11), both should have dramatic improvement over last year’s record. As a conference they had a very impressive Bowl season (3-3) including Marshall’s win over BCS Maryland.


The MAC will slip in 2014 and will need a year to rebuild after nothing short of a disastrous 2013 Bowl season (0-5).  Bowling Green (10-4) appears to be the team to beat in the east.  Two teams that could be a factor are Buffalo (8-5), and Ohio (7-6).  The next group will need marked improvement in 2014 to improve on 2013’s finish, Akron (5-7) and Kent State (4-8).  Rounding out the east will be Massachusetts (1-11) and Miami (OH) (0-12).  The west will be stronger than the east as in the years past.  Could this be Ball State’s year?  The fact is both NIU (12-2) and Ball State (10-3) will be at the top of the west at the conclusion of 2014.  The other west members will struggle to keep pace, Toledo (7-5) Central Michigan (6-6) and lagging behind the others will be Eastern Michigan (2-10) and Western Michigan (1-11)


The transforming Sun Belt with a new look will also struggle in 2014.  One bright spot in 2013 were the two 2 Bowl game wins Arkansas State over a formidable opponent in MAC member Ball State and LA Lafayette win over Tulane who is now a member of the AAC.  The fact that departing Southern Conference members GA. Southern (7-4) and Appalachian State (4-8) will need to have a quick acclimation into the roll call of FBS schools will factor into the overall outcome for 2014.  Not to mention the impact that  second year member GA State (0-12) will have on the overall ranking if they continue to be the last man standing (128 out of 128 FBS teams in 2013). GA Southern and Appalachian State both are reclassifying in 2014 from the glory years that they leave behind in FCS. Louisiana Lafayette (9-4) and Arkansas State should prove to be the teams to beat.  While the others, Louisiana Monroe (6-6), USA (6-6), Troy (6-6) and Texas State (6-6) will compete to be the best of the rest.

Image  Image Image   Image  Image  Image Image


My predicted order of G-5 Conferences for 2014.

1) AAC
2) MWC
4) MAC
5) Sun Belt