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ODU’s Gateway to a NEW FOOTBALL Future

Naming the new Stadium

Norfolk Southern Gateway Stadium


Norfolk Southern Gateway Stadium

At SB Ballard Field

Future ODU Norfolk Southern Gateway Statium w lion 2

Old Dominion should engage pursue with an aggressive campaign to demonstrate the special connection ODU can build between a fortune 500 company, Norfolk Southern as a sponsor or ultimately forge a connection for what could be a perfect marriage between Norfolk Southern, Hampton Roads the location, and Old Dominion University. Truly a marketing coup for Norfolk Southern for future exposure from national media outlets as they mention, recognize and promote Norfolk Southern continuously throughout a 2-3 hour broadcast. The constant mention at the national level would be worth many times any figure that would be absorbed by the exposure due to the unique location of the Stadium.  Home to the World’s largest distribution rail center which parallels the natural convergence of the Elizabeth River/ Chesapeake Bay as they meet the  Atlantic  Ocean. ODU has a unique opportunity to tag for branding purposes a name that will always be associated with such an attractive natural occurrence.  “Gateway to the Atlantic” historically was the reason Norfolk grew to prosper and thrive as it does today.  There could be no more fitting a name “Gateway” regardless of the Stadium’s ultimate endorser’s name.  Norfolk Southern however is the most natural fit and would tie in to the gateway theme for transportation as the history of the railroad opened Norfolk as a commerce center for the Mid-Atlantic and continues today to be the Gateway to the rest of America through Norfolk Southern.

A partnership should be extended to Norfolk Southern and create a visitors center, museum to tie the two together in the new Stadium.  ODU and NS would be smart to encourage such a display to commemorate the history of rail in Norfolk and Norfolk Sothern’s impact on transportation commerce in America.

Old Dominion/Norfolk should than purse a Bowl Game for the City that would benefit the entire region. Cooperative initiatives between all the cities would promote VA Beach, Norfolk Williamsburg and show the world what an attractive destination we are year round for tourist and vacations.  As for a Bowl location we are one of the most exciting destinations that East Coast College teams would be drawn to for convince of travel and a great place to visit. This should and would be received well buy the entire region and would be a bonanza for ODU for name recognition recruiting and maybe even allow us to become a player in the next round of conference realignment.  I have listed below a few points to support a Bowl in Norfolk and why it would be a success.

With that said I have only one more point.  The initial capacity of the new stadium should be no less than 35,000 seats to help expedite all the above.  Any numbers below that will hinder Bowl selection and the future attractiveness to drawl the best to Norfolk.

Norfolk Southern Gateway Bowl

Where Fun, Sand and Football meet at the Atlantic”

Would be an ideal place for a College Football Bowl Game

  1. Mid Atlantic Location (no other true competition)
  2. VA Beach/Norfolk/Williamsburg/Bush Gardens and other attractions
  3. Sponsorships from the Hotel Community and Tourist Boards
  4. Metro Area Population to support
  5. New Stadium on the Water great appeal
  6. Location Location Location
  7. Ideal for a CUSA vs. ACC/AAC sponsorship.
  8. Could have other tie-ins for sponsorships (Dollar Tree, Wells Fargo, Smithfield Foods…)
  9. Norfolk is now a Football town.

Old Dominion Monarchs future Football Schedules

ODU Logo lion 9

When your program is in its football infancy like Old Dominion’s there is no true rivalries that have been established.   But the excitement and curiosity at the national level has opened doors for Old Dominion to receive interest for OOC games against the likes of Maryland, NC State, Vanderbilt, Pittsburg, UNC and East Carolina (ODU is in the last year of a two year FBS transition period).  With anticipated future games against VA Tech and a soon to be released future OOC game schedule with home and home agreements, fans are anxiously wondering who?  The administration hopes to wrap up a group of contracts for games they have been negotiating for an ongoing period of time (ACC, SEC and BIG 10, has been rumored to be in the mix).  Potentially the administration has a plan and goal to schedule home and home games against other BCS opponents and regional competition.  Many of these future opponents could very quickly intensify into rivalry games of the future. 

According to ODU officials Old Dominion has been pursed and had many inquires for scheduling offers from a growing number of schools that have interest in Old Dominion and future dates (Alabama, according to ESPN officials).   The administration has made a calculated decision to have a rotation of one FCS home game a year along with one  home and home series with an FBS regional team along with at least one BCS school each year on our future schedule (NC State in 2015 and the VA Tech future series). 

The bottom line is ODU will develop future rivalries with not only conference opponents but many regional OOC schools as ODU fans are treated to some of the most exciting top notch competition college football has to offer.  Norfolk and ODU will continue to host the best and improve as time moves on.  The philosophy of Old Dominion to Aim High says it all.

2015 Old Dominion Monarchs Football Schedule
Date   Opponent
Sept. 5
at Eastern Michigan Eagles
Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti, MI
Sept. 12
Norfolk State Spartans
Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium
Sept. 19
NC State Wolfpack
Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium
Sept. 26
Appalachian State Mountaineers
Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium


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2014 Coaches Caravan May 20 in Richmond

ImageDon’t forget the Richmond Chapter of the ODU Alumni Association will sponsor the May 20, 2104 Coaches Caravan.

The Old Dominion University Athletics Coaches Caravan is headed to Richmond next week! For more info, visit: