M3 squared – has the anwser to all your sports questions


Alobert Eienstien Football Math

M3 Squared – Sports statistics can be like a complicated math problem, at M3 they have the answer!

Here is your chance to review sports stats till they come out of your ears.  Did you ever have a desire or need to find a team’s statistics against other schools, conference or lifelong opponents they have played over the years.  Maybe your interested in the history of your conference you now play in vs. other teams and the stats from many different conferences for every game played.  Not only for college football  (FBS Only), but for all major college sport teams.  Heck, you might have interest in stats from pro teams.  Whatever your heart desires it will be at your finger tips and yes M3 has the answer.

The link to all this information is just a click away.  I hope that it is helpful and you can find the information you need.  It is especially helpful when it comes to head to head comparisons.


Link …    http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/tvc/index.shtml


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