G5 Upcoming Blog Schedule


ODU Fan Forums Blog Schedule


  • Monday May 12 – June 14  Great G5 Top 25
  • Monday May 12 – 22         AAC Backwards Countdown
  • Monday May 26 – June 7   MAC Backwards Countdown


  • Monday June 9 – 19           SBC Backwards Countdown
  • Monday June 23 –  July 5        CUSA  Backwards Countdown


  • Monday July 14 – 26          MWC Backwards Countdown



  • Prior to Monday Aug 4, 2014, Weekly Top 25 – Preseason poll
  • Weekly Top 25 – G5 poll * Pollsters from each CSNbbs members from different teams and conference. The voters will need to be   a member of CSNbbs board. This will enable us to send ballots to be tabulated and returned by a specific date. (Set up prior to Monday Aug 4, 2014) We plan to have a pre-top 25 posted before the start of the season. First Pre Poll will debut Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 and we will post a new Top 25-G5 each week on Tuesdays. • G5 “Featured game of the week” (Football. Basketball

Future Features

• G5 “Featured game of the week” (Football. Basketball or Baseball) AAC, CUSA, MWC, MAC and SBC (Starts football season)

• Defensive and Offensive player of the week – each conference. (Starts football season)

• G5 “In the news weekly feature” AAC, CUSA, MWC, MAC and SBC. The top story(s) that best recognizes achievements from any G5 conference team. (Starting in August)

• Selections for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd team All- Conference selection column. (Mid August)

• Ranking the Top 3 QB’s in Conference. (August) • or Baseball) AAC, CUSA, MWC, MAC and SBC (Starts football season)