ODU Hampton Game Post Game Comments

Hampton 2014

Hampton vs Old Dominion Post game comments

Preseason Prediction ODU 56 Hampton 21

Actual Results ODU 41 Hampton 28

Pre Game assessment:

Game 1 ODU vs. Hampton @ SB Ballard Stadium Sat Aug 20 3:30 pm * TV- WTVZ 33 Local

Old Dominion should offensively be able to put up some big numbers, but I believe Hampton will be much more competitive than they were in 2012 when they lost to ODU 45 -7. Heinicke potentially could have a record breaking day. Much will depend on the underlying current of ODU running up a score. If ODU scores at will and is effective on the D during the 1st half, Bobby Wilder will not run the score up after last year’s game with UNC.   ODU will depend heavily on the freshman and new comers for every game this year. How quickly they learn the system and can contribute will be the difference in a make or break season.

Predicted Score * ODU 56 Hampton 21 * W

Post game Overview: 

Old Dominion preformed less than stellar in all three aspects of the game.


QB (Yesterday’s performance – rated C) Heinicke seemed out of sync for the entire game, had a few nice throws in the first half, but less than impressive in the second half. In the second half he consistently over threw the receivers as he was pressured by Hampton’s rush. The OL did not give Taylor any consistency with protection. It was 50/50 on protection from our OL. When Hampton overplayed their pass protection and our receivers could not get open I looked for Taylor to run. Heinicke did not seem to take advantage of Hampton’s drop back and their double coverage on our receivers. Every time we spread the field with our receivers it appeared there were opportunities for Heinicke to gain yardage if he would have run the ball. I also think it gave Hampton a big advantage in the second half once they adjusted to what Taylor was doing. NC State will take full advantage of this as well if we don’t keep them honest with some QB scrambles next week.

Receivers:  (Yesterday’s performance – rated C) as a causal observation, the receiving core under preformed yesterday from what my expectations were. After the updates and information we got out camp this summer my perception was over hyped. Hampton pressed and covered our receivers most of the time very close and it appeared that our receivers did not have the speed to lose them. ODU’s receivers almost across the spectrum were taller than the Hampton players yet  ninety percent of the time they stayed right with what I thought would be a much faster group.

RB: (Yesterday’s performance rated – B) the one aspect of our game that showed improvement over last year was our running game. Yesterday, Gerald Johnson’s performance was very impressive and Cam Boyd was also able to slice and dice around the field giving Old Dominion an important aspect to our offense that was missing last year.

OL: (Yesterday’s performance rated – C-) we allowed way too many opportunities for Hampton defenders to run straight throw our OL. The OL was only able to protect Heinicke 50% of the time and never executed very well or seemed consistent.

Special Teams: (Yesterday’s performance rated – D-) first and maybe the most important problem was, ODU never kicked the ball into the end zone or we were not even close. Most of our kicks were consistently around the 15-20 yard line. This allowed the Hampton running backs to go for it. And go fo it is exactly what they did, every time we kicked to them. Our special team’s defenders allowed too many open lanes and our poor coverage allowed Hampton RB to cut to the outside and they were gone. In fact there were more than a few Hampton kickoff returns that almost became complete breakaway runs, that could have led to a score. Even when we tackled their backs we allowed 15 -30 yard gains from the start of the reception, that allowed Hampton excellent field position each time they started their offensive drive.  There is no way to sugar coat this, Special Teams was atrocious yesterday.  There simply was no execution of any game plan for  ST’s. Fortunately the kicker was adequate for points after, but that is where any positives stops.

Defense overall (Yesterday’s performance rated – C) there were way too many Hampton receivers that appeared to get lose or away from our coverage. Our “NO FLY ZONE” was more “LET HER FLY” 75% of their passing plays were effective against our no fly zone (Hampton completed 32-of-45 passes for 407 yards and three touchdowns). The most disappointing aspect of yesterday’s game was that our special teams play was atrocious on every kickoff return.  The Hampton QB was not really challenged or effected by any  rush. (the two sacks were nice).  And I don’t think we ever blitzed. Their defense line (Hampton) pushed our offensive line around even though we were bigger and I am puzzled how that happened.

Overall Game day performance against an average FCS opponent I would grade our performance as a C

Even though I was surprised by our lack of intensity in the second half, this is but one game. Every game takes on its own personality. But, we have much work to do before next weeks game and for the rest of the season.

Game Day Atmosphere (Yesterday’s Atmosphere C-) I hate the aluminum sign with the hammering.  No Pre game excitement and the fans flow into the game five minutes after the game starts.  NO How3itzer ……  The Intro was just so so, no emotional pump up to make player introductions dramatic and deserving for the players.  The students seemed to enjoy the game, and stayed almost to the end, more than we can say for the fans.  The University needs to plan for a Game Day experience just like a coach plans to win a game.  Without the proper planning and preparation it will remain so so. There needs to be an orchestrated effort to create the anticipation and intensity for the fans. The crowd and students want this. Now, the University has to want the same.

Just my 2 cent.

Go Monarchs * Aim High


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