Become a part of “Monarch Nations’ Social Media Tree”. We need you! * Join today!

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Monarch Nation …. We are starting with a simple message. There is strength in numbers. The more ways Students, Fans, Alumni, Partners and supporters can keep in touch and communicate with other ODU supports the stronger we will grow as a fan base. The fact is Members of Monarch Nation will all prosper and have a more visible presence with more fans and greater numbers. Create a Tweeter account today as an ODU Supporter ….  Twitter / Create an Account . There will be times when we will be able to join as one and make a difference. It starts with a simple goal and message. Join Monarch Nation and making a difference. One person may not be able to make big changes, but if we join together little by little we will grow and watch us flex our muscle “Aim High”

Just a few recent tweets … ODU Fan Forums To help ODU get points every time you tweet add #ODU #collegecolors

We encourage all ODU fans to unite as Monarch Nation grows stronger to become a Fan Force “Aim High” #ODU # #collegecolors Follow & Retweet

Old Dominion is in the process of growing an “ODU Social Media Contact Tree” Join Twitter and follow ODU Fan Farm for updates and ways to help grow Monarch Nation.

Join us and help make a difference.  Hear Us Roar!

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