Branding for new Conference Top 25 Poll (Survey)

What do you think Pict Survey Closed

We need your assistance, please take the survey we value your opinion!

This new poll has been a work in progress. Before we launch the new top 25 poll in August we are asking for your assistance. We are asking members of the boards from the Sun Belt, American, Mid American, Mountain West and Conference USA teams to assist us with the development of this new Poll. Recently we had a meeting with several media outlets in an attempt to have them pick up the poll for national exposure. The meeting was very fruitful and we came away with lots of suggestions and recommendations. The number one comment that surfaced was the name of the poll. Our goal is to brand the poll to achieve positive national attention and exposure. We met with several groups from school administrators, sports information professionals and marketing executives for recommendations.
After digesting the input from those meetings and a few other individuals, we humbly appeal to the loyal and dedicated fans that post on the boards for help. The cumulative collection of knowledge and wisdom that is shared from the five conferences has some of the most knowledgeable fans in the country and I hope everyone will take a moment to send us your opinion! After many hours of deliberation from board representatives, School administrators and a few media sources, we narrowed the selections down to nine. Please take one moment to give us your choice and the one you feel will best represent the five conferences. * Survey ends Saturday June 10, 2014 – 9:00 pm. We will post the survey on all five boards and the ODU Fan Forum. The results will be posted June 10, for a runoff. (The runoff will end June 14, 9:00 pm).


Click on link to take survey….

            1) The Great G5 Top 25 (current)              2) The All American Five Star Top 25

  Gridirons Top 25 Logo            Top 25 College Football poll 5

                 3) The Group of 5 op 25                                   4) The Five Star Top 25                                            

    Group of r Top 25 Logo 3           G5 poll  4 The five star

            5) The USA Five Star Top 25                                  6) The Super G Top 25

5 USA 5 star poll                6 Top 25 Super g 6

      7) All American CAMMS Top 25                                         8) The CAMMS Top 25

7 All American CAMMS -poll               8 CAMMS Top 25

            9) The Five Star Top 25

9 Five Star Poll




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