Power Five * Group of Five * Media Bias

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WKU over Kentucky 35-26      ECU over UNC 55-31        GA Southern over Florida 26-20


The mere fact the media has selected the label “Power Conference” is a testament of how the media views and has created a built in bias for the so called “Power Conference” schools.    The media recognizes the others, yes; there is a “Group of Five” – other schools that play FBS football. Schools that do not have the NCAA’s BCS label attached, well it is just more evidence of a media snub.  The NCAA’s decision to create the BCS label was to separate the conferences for a more competitive alliances.  All done under the umbrella “for the good of amateur college athletics” at least that is what they told us at that time.  Yep, this was the brainchild of the NCAA to have a financial separation of conferences into divisions that spent x amount of dollars on athletics so the advantages over those that spent less would not feel slighted.  At the time it seemed to be a reasonable justification for the divisional separation, hence the term BCS.   That has perpetuated into the position of the “BIGS”   the antiquated name they use to refer to themselves up until around the year 2000.   The problem is the media NOW forces a perception on the public that has been embraced by many fans and yes the teams (schools) that have in fact been anointed as better.  I call BS on that.    Regardless of the perception there are many teams from schools that are not in BCS conferences that are straddled with huge disadvantages because of the financial restrictions, however they do and will continue to outperform a large number of BCS schools.

Solution, is there a solution.  The money train is out of control and the NCAA has allowed the “BIGS” to dictate the future of college athletics.  It is almost out of control because of the “I want factor”.  I want to be paid to play, I want more money for TV rights, I want a bigger piece of the pie than the others.  They, “The Bigs” are trying to cram it down our throats that this is good for all of us.  Sorry, it is only good for those already on the money train.  A train that is moving faster and faster with no more planned stops and if they have their way no one else will be able to get on board.

Just the way I see.

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