Joining the G5 Top 25 2014 Football Poll * Three frequently asked Questions.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to respond to the Great G5 Top 25 2014 Football Poll.  We hope to make this as easy on the voters/pollster as possible.  The Poll will start in August (preseason poll) and will continue till the end of bowl season.


Three frequently asked Questions.

1)    When do I register?

We will have the poll up and running so participants can – {sign in/log in} – in a few weeks or maybe as late as July.   We will keep everyone up to date. The 1st poll will be the preseason poll in August before the start of the season.   To register you will need your CSNbbs screen name and your e-mail address.

2)   I could not get the goggle link to work to see the poll.

A few have mentioned the goggle link did not work to view what the poll will look like.  If that was the case for you as well or if anyone would just like to see the poll format here is a link to what pollsters will vote with.  I found out that when you copy and paste – there are times part of the address is dropped.  Hope this works for everyone.

3)   Also, a few pollsters have asked the question … “Can I invite other posters to become voters?   Yes that is correct!   Remember they have to be a register CSNbbs member and have 100 posts.   But, yes please invite others; they can be posters/fans of your team or from other Schools.

Thanks to all the members from many different conferences and teams that have joined to make this poll a success.




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