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Join Us  *  Become a Pollster  *  Become part of the conversation

We have had a few people from different schools /conference asks how we started and selected the teams for the Great G5 Top 25.   So this is how it started….

The Great G5 Top 25 is not just my assessment of the teams.   At the time we started this blog we decided to assemble a list of all G5 teams in the AAC, MWC, CUSA, SBC and MAC. We also added BYU, Navy and Army. We asked the 6 people who started the blog to vote on a preseason Top 25. Again, if any of the contributors showed a bias, I am sure it is because they are a fan of a particular program. After we had a first draft of 31 teams (4 teams tied at 28-31), we actually gave a schedule of opponents for the 31 and asked everyone to predict a win/loss for every game on their schedule. After everyone made their selections we compiled the list. There may be a dramatic difference in the final outcome at the end of the season, but we had to have a starting point. We are now adding addition members to the Pollster/contributors group.

We are up to 14 people, many more from different schools and conferences. We hope this will neutralize any biases. We all understand how that works. Again we would encourage you or any others that would like to participate to join. It is a good way to be an advocate for your team. We would like to have an ongoing Top 25 for the season, starting with a preseason poll and we will end the poll at the conclusion of bowl season.
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